The #1 Reason That I Love My Husband

The #1 reason I love my husband: He loves the Lord.

My first birthday that I celebrated with him (we were dating), he gave me a beautiful gold and diamond cross necklace. He told me that most people thought a heart was a symbol of love, but he thought that the cross was the ultimate symbol of love because Christ died and rose so that we could have eternal life. And because God had brought us together. Well, if I wasn't all the way in love with him at that point (which I was), I sure was after all of that!

We have had so many ups and downs in our almost 9 years of marriage, but the one thing that has never changed or faltered is our love for and commitment to Jesus. We have vowed to leave a Christ inspired legacy for our children and for the generations that will come from these two hearts that God has placed together.

~Paige (AKA Mrs. Cole Barnes) :)

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