Reason #12 That I Love My Husband

Reason #12 that I love my husband: He gave me a Bible.

It wasn't my first Bible, but it's the most special one I've ever had. When we were dating I mentioned that I wanted a specific Bible and I'd like to have my name embossed on it. So for Christmas the year before we were married he gave me this very Bible. We had talked about it so briefly that I had no idea he'd even noted the details. The Bible had my soon to be married name embossed on it and this was written on the inside cover:

"God has blessed me so much in my life; with fun and excitement, joy and happiness, peace and love. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever be able to comprehend all those things rolled up so perfectly; but I don't have to dream because you're right here. The love of my life, my best friend, my wife. I love you so much, Paige, and as long as this book is the center of our relationship, that love can never fade and will only grow stronger.
Merry Christmas...

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