Reason #30 That I Love My Husband

Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life!
I will be posting 30 reasons (in random order) that I love my husband for the next 30 days in honor of his 30th birthday!

Reason #30 that I love my husband: My children adore him.

Big Red is as much a mama's boy as he is a daddy's boy, but he has always had a special place in his heart for his daddy. He lovingly makes him books of printer paper colored with his favorite things (Star Wars, Transformers, and pictures of our family) and stapled together and titled "Dad". He always asks his daddy if he can "come home early from work today". He told my husband one day that he wanted to be an engineer like him and work in his office one day. He always wants me to call or IM his daddy when we get home from school and something great has happened. He loves to play video games with his daddy. He thinks his daddy knows everything there is to know about everything in the world. He thinks his daddy can fix anything that is broken or any problem. When he was a baby, he would fall asleep every night on his daddy's chest. Baby Kate doesn't know just how much she adores him yet, but when he is talking to her or singing to her, she is fixated on him. She gets so still and doesn't move - just stares at her daddy. She adores him already.

And since I didn't have a great relationship with my dad when I was growing up, this means the world to me. I prayed and prayed for a husband that my kids would adore and God certainly answered that prayer when He sent me my sweet husband. For my kids adore him - and so do I.


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