Reason # 28 That I Love My Husband

Reason #28 that I love my husband: He can play the guitar and sing.

When I was a little girl, I always said that I wanted to marry a man who could play the guitar and sing. Not only does my hubby play and sing, but he does it to lead worship. And not just at church. Sometimes, just at our house with just us. Those are some of my favorite times. When he just starts playing and singing and then we join in too. And sometimes he and I sing together and he plays. I love that. We don't do it often enough. But I'd rather hear Cole's voice coupled with the notes from his guitar over anyone's any day. I can't wait for baby Kate to hear her daddy play and sing.


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Anonymous said...

We are on your BlOg!!!
We love Cole, because he is a very neat fella, and cause he likes Skittles...we think.

-Bryandizzle and Peterskizzle