Reason #22 That I Love My Husband

Big Red the cowboy!

Daddy and his girls.

Reason #22 that I love my husband: He has given me two beautiful children.

Big Red (7 1/2) is outgoing and outspoken. He is funny and creative and so smart. He has a tender heart, and is very inquisitive. He likes to learn about all sorts of things. He is a strong, brave boy, who truly is my hero. He prays every night for lots of interesting things, but he never forgets to pray for all the kids who have diabetes that don't have access to health care - that they will be taken care of. That humbles me. He is the most beautiful child in the world.

Baby Girl (3 weeks) is dainty and girly already. She has her daddy and mommy wrapped around her small little finger already. She is a happy, contented baby and is such a joy to us already. She gave a quite a scare during my pregnancy and when she was born. We look forward to watching her grow. She is the most beautiful child in the world.


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