Reason #18 That I Love My Husband

Reason #18 that I love my husband: Some of the things he does.

Like he went and bought me feminine products when we were on a trip once. Keep in mind this was before we were married. We were engaged at least! He commented that in that particular country town in Alabama that probably made us legally married! :) Like the fact that today he is going to buy special formula and gas drops because I can't get out with the baby and she's not tolerating her formula well. Like the fact that he could hold his own with a Diabetic Educator on such topics as insulin pumps, carb counting, and diabetic foot care. Like the fact that he is learning infant CPR because we have a new baby who was sick when she was first born. Like the fact that he hates needles, but can give an insulin shot or implant the new insulin port without flinching. (Although he, we both, hate having to do that). Like the fact that he is now our son's new Cub Master, even though he doesn't like standing in front of or talking in front of a crowd most days. Like the fact that he is a behind the scenes leader, but once he started a whole Upward ministry at our church. Ok, so I could go on and on, but I bet you get the drift...


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MrsHonea said...

Paige, I really love hearing your "I love you because..." posts to your husband. These are very special qualities and I'm so happy that you have each other! What a beautiful birthday gift to him.