Hubbs turns the BIG 3-0!

Tomorrow is my husband's 30th birthday. He absolutely hates a big deal being made about him, so that means no surprise parties or even parties, really. We will do something low key at home. This is what he likes. And since I haven't worked in almost 2 months due to bed rest and the pregnancy, he will get an IOU for his birthday present. He will not mind this either, as he is absolutely wonderful.

So in honor of my husband's BIG 3-0, starting tomorrow, I will post "30 Reasons I Love My Husband". One post each day for the next 30 days. And since there are only about 8 or so of you who read this (thank you!), maybe this won't be "too big" of a deal for him. :)

Please share your comments if you know him or would like to send him some birthday wishes, and I will share them with him.

~Paige (not quite the BIG 3-0 yet)

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Jo Barnes Warlick said...

Tell Cole his big sister loves him and will get him all the "picka pickas" he wants the next time I am in Decatur.