For him

The night was set to say goodbye. Many people stood and said their thank yous to me. Several gifts picked out and given to me to say thanks for what I had done. My tears and my discussing how sad it was for me to leave...what I had done.

And then one stood to say thank you to you. For what you brought to the experience. You touched more than you will ever know. Your service and witness was done quietly in the background for not many to see. But many were impacted.

Most who stood to say something to me had no idea that I was only able to do what I did because of you. Because of your love for me and because of your support of me and mostly because you believe in me no matter what I decide to get into next.

So as we leave we look back and see that WE did a good thing. God used US and God blessed US. WE worked hard and WE grew. Now WE walk on toward the next opportunity, hand in hand with our other hands raised up toward the Heavens begging for God to rain down the new mercies that fall afresh each day because He is God...and He is magnificent.

And my favorite part of the whole night was when you joined me in front of all of them and kissed me on the forehead.

I love you my husband!

~Your wife

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