When Did Jesus Become Not Enough?

 After much prayer and examination of my life, I realize that I live a life of wanton excess. I have filled many parts of my life with things other than Jesus. Food for example. I live to eat instead of eating to live, and my choices are not pleasing to God or healthy for my body. I have allowed my heart to be more focused on my material possessions many times than on Jesus who had none. I have spent much time trying to make my house look beautiful while forgetting the many people around the world who are homeless. I have wasted money on stupid things when I should have given it away.

I want it to stop.

I do not want to live like that anymore. I want to live a life that simply says, "Jesus is my enough". If I lost everything else, then Jesus would always be enough. No matter what. Like Job, when it is given and taken away - Jesus is still enough. When did Jesus become not enough for us?

To start this MAJOR life change, I am reading this book and using it as a guide to stop rolling around in filthy excess and start living for Jesus alone. Not food, not money, not possessions. Just Jesus.

I have set up a council of six people who are holding me accountable along the way. They each bring different gifts to the table and each love Jesus with everything they've got.  The hubbs will be doing parts of this along the way with me. We start next week with food. We will be eating 7 foods with minimal seasonings allowed:

Chicken - baked or grilled
Whole Grain Bread

We will drink only water. No sauces or condiments. No eating unless we are hungry. We will immerse ourselves in prayer and the Word. We can do this. Because Jesus is our portion and He fills our cup.


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victoria said...

I don't have to click "this book" to know what you're talking about. Dedra is doing this as well, and she just lent me her copy. I haven't opened it yet for fear of what it will do to me. Isn't that the strangest thing? Knowing it will change me and grow me in my relationship with Christ, but I'm scared to open it.