Thursday - About my Son

Tamene - Our Compassion Child in Ethiopia
Thursdays are link up days over at The Mob Society. I so love being the mother of a boy. My boy is amazing. He has always had such a tender heart of compassion for others. For six years now we have sponsored a child through Compassion who is the same age as our Red. Tamene is from Ethiopia. For six years the boys have written letters and sent pictures back and forth. It has been such a blessing to us! Matthew has always wanted to adopt Tamene. I tell him Tamene has parents who love him and he does not need to be adopted! Still, Matthew has always wanted to bring a child into our home and make him a part of our family. For several years, we have prayed about this. I am not sure we have really submitted in prayer over this the way God would have us, because we have not heard specifically from God in this area. In fact, my husband doesn't feel the same way we feel. And yet, the desire still weighs heavy in the heart of myself and our son.  So, we yearn and we pray and we commit to submitting to God to give us clear answers on this. And I will cherish the tender heart my son has for others. God may he always seek to serve you for the least, last, lost, and lonely. May he not seek to exalt himself, but only to exalt you. Sweet Jesus, may he walk so closely to you that he gets covered in the dust you leave behind as you go.

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Absolutely Beautiful post.

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