First Day of School

First Day of Fifth Grade

 Age 10 - Fifth Grade Favorites

Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
Sport: Football
Team: Auburn
Song: Never Say Never by Justin Bieber
What I Want to be When I Grow Up: NFL Quarterback

The drop off went well. Lots of smiles and high fives as friends welcomed each other back to another school year. Teachers greeting students. Lunches packed and supplies gathered. And just one last hug. The mom whispered to her son, "I will miss you today. You will have a great day, and I will be praying for you". The mom felt her eyes get misty and swallowed hard so as not to embarrass her young man in front of his fifth grade friends. He grabbed her around the neck and grinned that shy grin he grins when he is really touched by something and whispered back, "I love you mom". And mom drives home with that aching in her heart that can only be explained as inexplicable pride of what a fine young man he is and bittersweet sadness as she lets another piece of him go. Freedom. One day my son, but let me hold you just a little longer.

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Piper said...

I love this favs ... and when my boys start back to school I am going to copy you... I hope you don't mind....Mine youngest will love it, my 10th grader, not so much!

And you are right... there is something about that 1st day of school that reminds you of how quickly they grow up!!

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