My daughter, the princess, has a nightly bedtime routine that consists of mommy or daddy laying beside her bed and holding her hand until she falls asleep. It does not usually take long for her to get settled in and drift off to dreamland. During those times in the dark and quiet I usually find myself praying over her. She is a vivacious and fiercely determined little girl. She has marched to the beat of her own tune since conception. I pray so many things for her. Mostly for God to help me be what she needs me to be! In those times, she will sometimes let go of my hand. I stay at my post because I know she is not yet sleeping. Every now and then, I will see her sweet little hand reach out through the rails of her crib. She is reaching for me, to be sure I am still there. If I do not immediately grab her hand in mine, she will wave wildly until I do. She never speaks or cries, just reaches. I cannot help but feel that this is me so many times with God. I know He is there because He said He would be and I can trust Him. But sometimes, I just need to reach out to be sure of Him. Thankfully, He is always right there to take my hand in His and I can be comforted and have peace. Just like when I take Princess K's hand. She relaxes and drifts off to sleep knowing mommy is there taking care of things for her. Psalm 4:8 assures us that we can slumber in peace. Jesus in always on watch.

Sweet dreams,



Simply a Sponge said...

It is so precious to read the words you write about your babies and your life but it is even more precious to see it unfolding in front of my eyes. Thank you for sharing your family, love, and home with me!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you have found your blogging voice again. Precious words.
Aunt Sue