Reactions of the Father

Everyone reading this probably has been watching some part of the Olympics. I have never been an athlete myself, but I love watching the games. It amazes me to watch these people who have worked so hard for so long execute these amazing feats of physicality. I particularly enjoy the women's gymnastics. These young ladies never cease to amaze me with what they can do. Last night I so enjoyed watching Aly Raisman's parents watching her. In fact the whole world was watching them. They were so involved in what she was doing that they had a physical reaction to her every move. It looked crazy, but they were completely oblivious to anyone around them. Just in the moment. They could not do it for her, but they wanted so bad for her to do it well.

I think of this and can't help but think about Jesus. Does he do that as he watches us on this crazy journey called life? I can just picture him twisting and turning as I struggle to make it through the tough situations. I see him running to God and crying out on my behalf from time to time. Does he put his hands over his eyes when I am missing the mark? He knows the choices I will choose, but looking away to spare himself something as his heart breaks. Does he cheer out loud when I get it right, calling the angels over and saying,  "She did it! I am so proud"!

 It brings my heart such joy to think of Jesus this way. The video of Aly Raisman's parents last night embedded this image of Jesus into my mind. I hope I never forget it. We can be sure that Jesus is right here with us, hoping and praying we get it right. He runs to God on our behalf. He sings over us. It is to our Father's glory that we live out our lives well. I pray this brings you as much hope and joy today as it has brought me. Let's keep running this race we are in, never giving up. Always holding on to Jesus, until he returns or calls us home.


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