let’s hear it for the boys! {#LinkUp Day!}

I love The Mob Society! They are a wonderful resource for mothers of boys. Today is link up day to share a funny picture or story of your boy(s). My picture today is the first time Matthew got to hold his baby sister. It was about 2 weeks after she was born before he could hold her. She was sick and had to be in the NICU. One night, the NICU nurse cheated a little bit and let him hold her. I cried, my husband cried, and even the nurse cried! It was a precious moment. Kate is 2 1/2 now and has the most amazing big brother!

Proud mother of one amazing boy,


Hyacynth said...

Popping over from MOB ... that is such a sweet capture! I love watching my kids become siblings and how they interact with each other. So precious!

Sara H said...

:) I didn't even have to see "NICU" in your post before I knew what this was a picture of. Our second was also in the NICU for six weeks. What a sweet, sweet picture.