I had all these plans for us this summer. Nothing extra fancy, just activities close to home that did not cost too much money so that we could spend time together this summer. Just me and him. My boy and I. And then June got so busy because of a few things and that set July back. I purposely worked my July around having the time to be here for him, and because of events in June, none of my plans for July have gone as planned. None. And it makes me sad. I just want to cry at the way this month has turned out. So many things that I do not have control over. I have been wishing for August because August will be better. And yet, August brings the reality that school starts again. And there goes the time I had planned with him. And he will be in the fifth grade. He is growing up. I am trying to be everything he needs me to be. And yet, most days I feel like a failure.

 I know the enemy is spending a lot of time telling me this. Because a few months ago God spoke a couple of things very clearly to me. And I have been listening. I have been praying and spending time in the word, and setting boundaries. And the enemy has continued to step up his game. After talking with a dear friend last night who I consider a spiritual mentor, I realized that some of these problems may not be because of me. They may be someone else's issues to deal with that the enemy has decided to use against me and my family. Isn't that nice?  Well, if the enemy can step up his game, then so can I. You see, I was bought with a price. The One who gave himself for me will not let me fall. I have the mind of Christ and I do NOT have to buy into the lies that enemy sees fit to throw at me day after day. So I have a plan. One that involves anointing with oil and praying with heavy BOLDNESS. After all, we have all authority and right to approach the throne of grace with boldness. And then the most amazing thing happens. King Jesus himself intercedes on my behalf to God the father. This just blows me away. I am claiming the following verses for myself, Cole, and the kids in the mighty name of Jesus:

I want my life to lived for my Father's glory. Not mine. Even the trials and tests and difficult times. I will choose to take this sifting and let whatever is there that is not good be sifted out. And give God the glory no matter what.



Becky Alexander said...

Glad to find your blog, Paige! Thx for sharing.

Becky Alexander said...

Glad to find your blog, Paige. Thx for sharing!