Third Grade and First Birthdays

It's been MANY months since I've updated this blog. Matthew started third grade and is playing soccer and in Cub Scouts. His daddy is his cub master. Those of you who know my husband well are now smiling and maybe even chuckling at that. :)
I am still working at the hospital on the weekends. I love my job, but we have very little family time right now. My health has not seemed to return back to normal since the baby was born. I have been in the hospital once and very sick several times. I am also having a lot of pain right now. After seeing my doctor, it seems that I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I am praying about how God would have me deal with this. I know that life is not merely about surviving, but about living to the fullest. I am praying and trying to sink that deep into my spirit.

Just a few weeks ago our sweet Kate turned 1! It doesn't seem like a whole year since she came into this world a month early giving us quite a scare with initial trouble breathing and then intestinal blockage. Through much prayer, she came home safe and sound nine days after she was born. She is the light of our life!
Our dear Kate,
~At the age of one, you are busy walking and babbling.
~You say "ma ma", "da da", "bu ba", and "na na".
~Your favorite things are your lovey blanket with the "B" on it, watching "Jack's Big Music Show", your Little People Nativity Set, and books.
~You are eating all kinds of things like fruit bars and rice. You love Rosie's mexican rice!
~You like to pull the big kitty's tail. He doesn't seem to mind!
~You are sleeping very well all night in your crib, but you wake up every morning at 6:30 am.
~When you get sleepy you pull on your ears.
~You get a little jealous when mommy or daddy holds or plays with big brother.

You are keeping us busy and we are loving every minute of it. Happy Birthday our sweet Kate!


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