Baby Kate is 6 months old!

Photo courtesy of Baby Faces By Jamie
Kate, you are growing so fast! We are amazed at how you change everyday. You are a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh. But you do like to let us know if you aren't happy! You are eating baby food. There isn't much you don't like, but your favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas. You love your exersaucer except when you can't get the apple in your mouth! You are drooling a lot and we expect to see a little tooth pop through any day now. You sleep fairly well through the night but only nap during the day if someone is holding you. You love "Baby Einstein's Baby Galileo" video and sometimes we watch it several times in a row. You love it when mommy sings to you, especially "Jesus Loves Me". You love it when your daddy comes home from work and you grin so big that you almost fall over. You think your big brother hung the moon and the world stops when he is near.

You are a treasure and a blessing and we are so thankful for you!
Mommy, Daddy, and Brother

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