Flu Baby

Flu Baby

Husband and son have had the flu all week. Two doctors appointments, tons of Lysol wipes and spray, and several hundreds of dollars given to Walgreen's for Tamiflu and Relenza and isolation of the boys and the baby still gets the flu.

I came home from working Saturday night to a baby with a high fever who was lethargic and moaning. Then she had a slight episode where she went very pale and glassy eyed and looked like she wasn't breathing. Scared me to death and I am an ER nurse!

So we spent most of the day in the ER on Sunday and after blood tests and xrays and such, baby tested positive for the flu. She's been just pitiful. I remember the one time in my life I've had the flu and I hurt so bad all over. She's just been laying and moaning constantly. Her fever hasn't budged despite round the clock doses of Tylenol.

Here's hoping my flu baby will feel better soon!

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Heather Lawson said...

Praying she's well soon!