Special Care Nursery

Mommy holding baby Kate in the Special Care Nursery for the first time since the delivery room.

Baby Kate and her little IV. Before this was all over she had an IV in three different places, bless her little heart!

We were so proud to welcome our new baby Kate into the world. She started her journey in the nursery with some minor breathing problems because she was born about 4 weeks early. She was then moved to the Special Care Nursery because her abdomen became distended (swollen) and she was not keeping any of her food down. We were allowed to see her when we wanted to, but she wasn't able to come to our room. Big Brother was not allowed to see her except through the nursery window. He was so sad that he couldn't hold baby sister. He loves her so already! They put an IV in her and were not allowing her to eat. We were so worried about our little girl, so the prayers started going up! We knew God had our baby in His mighty hands so we prayed for healing. Now we would just have to wait...


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