Reason # 27 That I Love My Husband

Reason # 27 that I love my husband: He is a genius.

He really is the smartest man I know.  While he is content to live his quiet life and has no desire (at least at this point) to climb some metaphorical ladder of worldly success, he really is a genius.  He looks at the world through different glasses than most of us do.  And while I don’t always agree with his opinion or viewpoint on a particular subject, he always causes me to stretch my perspective and think outside the box.  He has a wisdom that runs deep.  He teaches me, and I love that about him.  He would tell you that he is a geek, and I am a nerd.  I’m the one who likes to study and go to school and read.  He’s just…well…gifted with brilliance.  And to me, smart is sexy!


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