Poop Prayers in the NICU

Big Brother can't hold little sister, but he can kiss her!

Mommy holding baby Kate in the NICU.

Daddy feeding baby Kate, and hoping it will stay down!

Kate stayed 4 days in the NICU side. They were constantly monitoring her heart rate, respirations, oxygen level, and temperature. On day two she went down for her tests for her bowels. We had been praying for poop as this would let us know that her bowels were functioning correctly. I even had one friend tell me "I have prayed for many things in my life, but this is my first poop prayer"!

I was allowed to accompany the nurse and Kate to radiology, but had to wait in the waiting room during her test. I was told not only did she poop, but she pooped across the room on the radiologist. Yay for baby Kate! Prayers were answered.

The neonatologist told us there was no evidence of the Hirschprung's Disease. She was also having trouble on the upper end of her gastrointestinal system - not keeping her food down. The doctor told us that we would just have to wait and see.

So we waited some more....and prayed even more....


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