On our way to the NICU

Big Brother with little sister before she is transferred to NICU at Huntsville Hospital.

Kate just chillin' under the bili-lights.

On Sunday, the day we should be taking our new baby home, we were told she would be transferred to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the other hospital here in town. The hospital we delivered at was great, but their nursery was not able to care for her at this point in the journey. We were sent to the Regional NICU at Huntsville Hospital. We can't say enough about the stellar care that our daughter received from the nurses and doctors there.

I was able to ride in the ambulance with her and when we arrived we got a crash course about life in the NICU. We were only allowed to see her at certain times and couldn't hold her or even touch her that first day. It was very hard. They had to put her under the bili-lights because her bilirubin level was too high.

I was a ball of emotions. I mean, I had just had a baby, and now our sweet baby was sick. All we wanted was to bring her home. I looked around at the babies who were born much earlier than ours and who were fighting a lot harder for their lives and I had to be thankful for what our baby was not going through. And then I said prayers for those babies and their parents.

The prayers started going up. They told us there was the possibility of surgery because she may have a kink in the bowel. Then there was the possibility of Hirschspring's Disease. Baby would undergo some special testing to see if her bowel was working.

We kept praying...and waiting....

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