A few God moments from our week in the NICU

~Both sets of our parents were able to be there to support us at different times.

~A visit from a facebook/twitter friend!

~Being able to stay at my husband's sister's home while they were out of town.

~A financial gift from a couple dear to us to help us with food and such during the week.

~Dear girlfriends who still had the baby shower originally scheduled on Sunday, even though we couldn't make it. We had sweet gifts to open when we finally got home!

~More dear friends who did some yard work at our house while we were away.

~A dear girlfriend who fed cats and got mail for us while we were gone.

~The nurse at Big Red's school who was a tremendous help in so many ways during the week.

~The countless phone calls, emails, twitter, and facebook posts and encouragement from so many.

~Visits from our pastors and wife and life group friends.

~A visit from my high school best friend! And she brought the best smelling lotion that I have used everyday since!

~Visits from sweet friends from our church when we lived in Huntsville.

~Countless thoughts and prayers sent up to our sweet Savior on behalf of our baby Kate.

This pregnancy journey was personally tough for me. I was extremely sick from day one through about week 16 with morning sickness. I lost 10 pounds and it took forever to finally gain some weight. I changed jobs during this time. Probably not the best move during this pregnancy, but a great opportunity and we believe a God thing and His timing. Then I had several very painful UTI's, a kidney stone, and an injury to, yes, my uterine muscle. Not a good thing to hurt your uterus when you are pregnant! Then I passed out and fell at work and wound up in the hospital and then with a back injury that made it almost impossible to do my job. Then I wound up on bed rest at 30 weeks because baby Kate tried to make an appearance into the world early. Then there were several trips to the hospital because she kept wanting to make her appearance early. And then, finally, there was my labor and her (very quick) birth. She was bound and determined to come early!

And during this whole time I couldn't wait to not be pregnant anymore and just knew that I would have surgery immediately to make it so I could not have anymore children.

And then I heard her cry. And then I held her. And then I saw her daddy look at her for the first time. And then I watched her big brother hold her for the first time. And I knew that while this journey was hard, it was so worth it. The journey toward my sweet Kate and hopefully my life and the life of my family was and will be...beautiful. May it be beautiful for you sweet Jesus.


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

This post made me cry. I am continually amazed at all the "God Moments" I had while my babies were in the NICU. I would never wish my expieriences on anyone, but, God used them for awesome things. Those moments completely shaped me and made me the person I am. They shaped my faith.... re-taught me how to pray. And to cherish everything- including Poop!

Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

I, too had to shed a few tears while reading this. As your mother, I struggled through the days of worry over not just Kate but you as well. I treasured the time at the hospital waiting on her birth and especially to be the one (along with Grandmomma) to see the look on Matthew's face when he heard her first cry! So precious. Your pregnancy, though a struggle, had a BEAUTIFUL ENDING!Our God is amazing and loving and true to His word! Thank you for sharing this with all of us! Love you!