Big Brother Loves Little Sister

Big brother holding little sister for the first time on her 1 week birthday in the NICU!

On our 4th day in the NICU they told us that Kate would be moving to the other side which they called Progressive Care. It's like the NICU step-down unit. We were still a little concerned about her eating, but she was keeping her food down and so at this point of our journey we were making sure the food continued to stay down, she was peeing and pooping, and gaining weight. They were still monitoring all of her vital signs and such. She was still losing a little weight, which is normal for babies, and especially since they had not let her eat the first three days of her life. Her IV was out so she was not getting any supplementation.

On Thursday, her 1 week birthday, we went in that morning expecting to take her home. But her bilirubin level had gone up and she was back under the blili-lights. We felt as if the wind had been sucked out of us. She would stay under the bili-lights for the next 24 hours and they would repeat the blood work in the morning. If the bilirubin level had come down we could go home. The doctor told us this was very normal with babies born at 36 weeks.

That night, we went in for our care time - one of the times when we could hold her and feed her. We took big brother in with us. A nurse, who we know was sent to us by God, just happened to sneak up a rocking chair and let big brother hold his little sister - for the first time. We all cried, even the nurse. It was so precious. And then we learned that it was bath day and we got to bathe her. So, what started out as a tough day, ended sweetly, even though we couldn't bring our baby home.

So we were waiting again...and still praying and trusting...

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MrsHonea said...

What a beautiful moment and picture. Hope you guys can take her home very soon.