Baby News!

Big Brother waiting on little sister to be born!

Hello, baby Kate!

Thursday, October 1st began as any other day in the Barnes household. We were getting daddy ready for work and Big Red ready for school. I had reached the 36 week mark in my pregnancy on Tuesday of that week. Still a little early for baby to come. I noticed a few contractions that morning as I was helping Red to get ready, but since I've been trying not to have this baby for 6 weeks now, I didn't get too concerned. On the way to take the boy, I noticed I was still having them, so I called the hubbs and told him not to head into work just yet. I got back home and we began to time them. They were pretty regular and after a couple of hours, we knew that we should probably call the doctor. He, of course, wanted to see me in his office. We picked up Big Red from school and we were on our way.

The doctor said I was definitely in labor so off to the hospital we went. We were excited, but very nervous as the doctor told us that since we were just 36 weeks that our baby may need to stay in the hospital a few extra days than normal. We immediately began praying and asking our dear friends and family for their prayers as well.

After only a few short hours of labor, no pitocin needed, and an epidural that really didn't take like it was supposed to, we welcomed our sweet baby into the world! She was having some breathing difficulty so we only got to see her and hold her for just a few minutes before they took her off to the nursery.


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