Soccer Game

Big Red is enjoying an active soccer season this year. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying watching him. This year he is playing a lot more skillfully and purposefully and that's exciting to watch! While both sets of grandparents live a few hours away, they try to get down for a game as often as possible. Last night Granmama (Cole's mom) was able to come cheer Big Red on.

She also brought him a surprise - a shirt that says "I'm the Big Brother". He was very excited as the countdown for Baby Kate's arrival has begun. My doctor said that at this point they would not try to stop the labor. I am still on bedrest because I have been so sick this pregnancy and my body is, in a sense, kind of beat up! But we are comforted to know that the doctor thinks she is ready to come at anytime and would be healthy and strong. Big Red is very excited, as are we, and the rest of the family. So we are taking in our last moments as a family of three, and preparing for the blessedness of becoming a family of four!


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