Back to School

Yesterday was Big Red's first day back to school! This was a huge milestone for him (and us) as we homeschooled last year due to his diabetes. It has been a tough, long year for our family. But we have grown in so many ways, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. He was so excited and picked right back up with his friends as if he'd never been gone. It so blessed my heart.

Of course after a year of having my boy with me everyday, I came home to an empty and quiet house. So I promptly did what probably most moms would do. I sat down and cried. And prayed. And cried some more. The tears were bittersweet of course, excited for my boy and missing our sweet and hard year together. I so hope God has helped all of us to be stronger after this past year.

So, we are geared up for a great year! Blood sugars were great yesterday. I made 4 different trips up there to help the health room nurse learn about his pump, but that won't be going on much longer. She'll being doing that on her own soon. Everyone is calm and doing great this year! God is so good!


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MrsHonea said...

I know it's got to be hard, but I think it's wonderful that everything seems to be working out and he can go and see his friends at school. Good luck to you all this year. :)