Baby and Bedrest

So since my last post a few things have happened. I was working my normal, insanely busy 12 hours in the ER and just so happened to go into pre-term labor. Called the hubbs, who came to pick me up, and we made our way to the hospital where my OB practices (This just happens to be at a different hospital than where I work).

Turns out, I have already started dilating and my body was gearing up for labor. Not good at 30 weeks. So, they gave me all sorts of lovely medications to stop the labor, as well as steroids to help the baby grow, should I go ahead and have her. Thankfully, we were able to stop labor, and I was able to go home.

But, now I am on bedrest until baby Kate comes. I still have 8 weeks until my due date. That's a long time. So, I am trying to my best to be a good patient. Nurses make the worst patients, sometimes. My husband and son have been fabulous to help out, and I am trying to make the most of my time on bedrest. Mostly working on youth stuff for our church, and scrapbooking, and reading, and also working on stuff for the "Walk to Cure Diabetes" by the JDRF that we will be walking in this year.

So, I will try to keep you all updated, although I won't be doing much. Gotta keep baby Kate cooking for a little longer!



Susan said...

I think nurses must have high rates of preterm labor...Savannah tried to come early and my friend who worked in the same place I did had her baby 4 weeks early. Nurses work way too hard!!!:) good luck keeping baby Kate baking a while longer!

Paige said...

Susan, you are probably right! Hard work and up on our feet for so long! Hope all is well with you guys.