All things work together...

Today has been a good day. I had a little energy and spunk so I decided to paint the trim in our front bathroom that we are remodeling. I so hope we can get it finished before the baby is born. I worked until I was exhausted, and I hope the hubs think I did a good job!

I got several calls today from the school about the boy. His blood sugar was running high and he was struggling. I was worried that he might have to come home or they would send him home, but he hung in there and made it the whole day! I cried because he was struggling today and then realized that maybe this is harder on me and the daddy than the boy.

I sent a note to his teacher just to check in and see how things were going on her end. I keep in daily communication with the worker in the health room, but I had not touched base again with his teacher. He has to scoot out a few minutes early several times during the day to go check his blood sugar and get his insulin.

She had the sweetest words to say. She said he was very smart and doing a great job with his school work. She said she was impressed with how educated and mature he was about his diabetes.

She may never know what sweet closure and release those words brought to me.

Last year, when he was diagnosed, little did we know that the journey would lead into uncharted territories of leaving my job, our church, his school for homeschooling, and other things. Not only that, we became part of a new church, I went back to working as a nurse, and we learned we would be having a baby!

I spent the entire year working with him on school and this was a struggle. We butted heads so much, and I was pretty much convinced that I was making him fall behind in school. The stress I carried on me to teach him and prepare him to go back to school and not be behind and also to be able to be as autonomous at such a young age with his diabetes, well the stress was immense.

I spent the year in a pit of depression and crying out to God for guidance, and knowing He was growing me through the pain.

And today, it all came full circle. The beauty from the pain. The joy from the sorrow. The growth from the going headfirst into the unknown. The intimacy with sweet Jesus when I felt totally alone and like no one was there. And this verse came to my mind.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose".
~Romans 8:28


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MrsHonea said...

This post had me crying. I'm SO happy that all those struggles have paid off and that life seems to be a little easier. That is a lot of change in such a short amount of time, and I admire your strength. May God continue to work miracles in your lives.