Rings, Baby, and Jackie Kennedy

I have a love for all things Jacqueline Kennedy. She is probably the number one person on my list of celebrities/people that I look up to for poise, class, fashion, and style. I may have to do a post on on my top ten ladies.

There is a jewelry line that reproduces all of Jackie's ever famous jewelry. I have one piece. A beautiful black, gold, and diamond watch that is an absolute treasure to me. It was lovingly given to me one Christmas by my mother-in-law. I hadn't even known she knew my love for Jackie!

I would love to own more pieces of the jewelry. Even though they are reproductions, they are certified reproductions and they are beautiful. There is one that I have my eye on at the moment. I have told my sweet husband that this would be the perfect "you're having my baby" gift.

It's a Simulated Kunzite Ring and it's pink! It's absolutely beautiful, and the story behind it is it's the last gift that JFK bought for Jackie. He was assassinated before he could actually give it to her, and a close friend presented it to her sometime after his death. The word is that she treasured it very much and wore it very often, even after marrying Onassis.

So, we have three more months until our sweet baby Kate will be here. I will keep you posted about the ring, too!


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