I am notorious for buying books and letting them sit on my bookshelf for years before I get around to them. I'm like a book hoarder, so I can never get them read in a timely fashion! I am reading a book that I've had on my shelf for a few years. It's called "Life Wide Open - Unleashing the Power of a Passionate Life" by David Jeremiah. I've read several things by David Jeremiah, and I highly recommend him. He's an easy, to the point, simple facts and thoughts kind of writer. A good, quick, encouraging read.

I am not very far into this book yet, but it's already speaking to me. See, I think for the past year one of the things lacking from my life has been passion. Too many things have gone on and taken over and, I guess, kind of squelched the passion way down. But this is not what we created for - to be passionless.

I read this just tonight and just had to share.

"That wellspring of all that is good and pure and vital is placed within each of us - every human creature - by our Father. We look around us and see more people who live a life of quiet despair than of bursting passion. But all the same, every one of us has that fountain, that reservoir of living water. And there is a network of aqueducts extending from it to the outside world. Your words, your actions,, your talents, and your gifts are pipelines of passion - God's pipelines to flood the world with His goodness and grace".

When was the last time you thought about the things you do everyday as being something to be passionate about? Is it even possible to be passionate about doing laundry? What about your gifts and talents? How many of you have talents that you don't even use? God gave us certain abilities for a reason - we should use them! I resolve to be more passionate!

Passionate for Him,

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