New Project

There is a new project starting up in the Barnes household. (Aside from the baby that is currently growing in my belly). :) We are going to be writing down our experiences over this past year since our son's diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes. We have no idea of knowing where this will go, of course, but we have spent this last year spinning up and down and all around. If there is an emotion to be had, we've had it this year. And we have grown as a family more than we ever imagined we could.

So we decided that perhaps others could be helped from our experience. We have long given this diagnosis over to the Lord for Him to make us (especially our son) stronger because of this. For Him to use this to help others. So after a night of being awake all night and feeling a prompting from the Lord, and after a family meeting - we are all in!

So, we are praying about where God would lead this new endeavor. And we give it over completely, 100 %, whole-hearted to God for Him to use it for His glory! Whatever that means!

So, here is my challenge and humble request to my readers. (All 2 or 3 of you)! Please pray for us and for whatever God would have this become. And if you have any suggestions or thoughts, please comment and share them!

All for Him,

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