A long night...

So last night we changed Big Red's infusion set at dinner time. You are supposed to check blood sugar 2 hours after a set change to make sure that the insulin is going in and the infusion set didn't hit the muscle or kink up on insertion.

Since I worked Sunday and Monday night and came home to home school during the days (read: I only got about 4-5 hours of sleep those two days), I went to bed. The hubbs was taking care of things. So hubbs comes to bed and says that when he put Big Red to bed two hours before his blood sugar was 409. I knew something was wrong.

So we got him up and checked ketones - trace. By this point his blood sugar was up to 500. So we changed the infusion set and when we pulled the old one saw that it was kinked. He hadn't been getting any insulin! No wonder his blood sugar was through the roof. We put the new one in and spent the rest of the night getting up to check his blood sugar. It steadily went down and was 146 when he woke up this morning.

The hubbs was clearly shaken as he left for work this morning. I told him these things happen and we did the right things by changing the infusion set and checking him all through the night and that we would have to do this for the rest of our lives. He said "That's what I am upset about". Chronic illness is tough. I am praying today for everyone who is dealing with it in some way. I am praying for an extra measure of God's comfort and mercy to be poured out upon you today.

Then first thing this morning, my mom called to tell me that my grandfather had passed away. He was 91 and ready, but it's always hard to lose someone.

Peace in Christ,

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MrsHonea said...

I am sorry that things are so rough right now. Praying for comfort for you all.