James Chapter 3

According to Jim - Week 3 - Message from Crosspoint Community Church on Vimeo.

Yesterday was another awesome day at Crosspoint! What an awesome bunch of people to hang around with and we get to praise and worship and hear God's word all at the same time. I went to the first service and sat in the audience. I took some notes and will share my thoughts on them below. In the second service I sat in the back with the hubbs and the awesome volunteers who work all the technical stuff. I even got to wear headphones and chat with those watching online! Fun! But I did notice something.

The crowd was totally engaged. They were laughing from time to time, because, well our pastor is a riot. They were pondering and thinking at the moments when deep thought was appropriate. They responded to questions. They were totally engaged.

I have been in church my whole life and I have never seen a crowd engaged like that. It was an awesome thing to watch. The message brought by our pastor was totally rockin'. It was a tough message, but God so used him and he spoke some words we all need to hear. That's why I put the message in this blog. So you could watch it if you want to.

He said some important things, and I have a few thoughts to go along with them.

  • "How do you talk about people when you are not around them?" - This does say a lot about our character. How many times do we talk one way to someone and then talk another way about them to someone else? And for how many of us is that person our spouse, or kids, or family? Doesn't say very much about us if we tell our kids or spouse we love them as we leave the house and then talk about all their faults to our coworkers when we get to work.
  • "The mark of a true follower [of Jesus] is not that he has cuss-free TV in his living room". - If all our Christianity or following Jesus causes us to do is not cuss or watch R -rated movies then we have missed the mark terribly. Because there are way more important things. "You could be cuss free and still tear down someones life".
  • "Tearing down someone with words is the same as murdering them one word at a time". How many of us would agree that murder is definitely one of those sins we don't want to commit? We might think a white lie or a cuss word now and then isn't too bad, but murder, now that's is totally unacceptable. "Tearing down someone with words is the same as murdering them one word at a time". Think about that.
  • The Bible says our tongues have the power of life and death. May we all think of that next time we open our mouth.
Jesus peace,

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