Monday Mercies

Here's the deal. Will you take a rain check on Monday Mercies? I am so sick that I cannot possibly think of anything to write except that I feel really bad. I've got some sort of head/chest crud. Glamorous!

I am contemplating changing the look of the blog, so bear with me. You just might see some changes coming.

Until I post again, check out these very awesome sites:


The first is the church I attend. We own no building. Church is the living, breathing, organic body of Christ in the community. A lot of people don't understand. You must come check it out and you will see! It's unreal and on fire for Jesus!

The second is a youth ministry that my family is passionate about. We see God work in the lives of around 1000 teens each year at the weekend retreat.

I'm going to find my Kleenex and blanket. May God bless us all today!


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Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

Of course we'll take a rain check. I hope you feel better~