Family Addition

So last night we just happened to stop by Petsmart to see the kitties and there was the cutest little 2 month old black kitten there. I know the hubbs was amused by the pitiful looks on the face of the mommy and the boy. But he wasn't sure about us adopting this little kitty until we knew how he would get along with our 1 1/2 year old orange tabby who is affectionately named Tiger/Carl/Milo, but answers to "Kitty". So the hubbs went home and got the big kitty and brought him back to Petsmart on a leash with a collar. Yes, we got a few stares. I mean, there are dogs in there all the time, but how many people bring their cats in? And on a leash? (In our defense we didn't want the cat to get loose since he's a house cat and only gets out to go to the vet). I realized that we had become....the cat people. And then I laughed out loud, cause, well, it was funny.

So, we soon discovered that big kitty wouldn't try to torment little kitty too much and, much to the excitement of mommy and Big Red, we are now the proud owners of a new kitty. He is 2 months old and all black except for white feet. He is named Reebok after a kitty the hubbs had when he was a boy that looked the same. Yes, that's when Reebok shoes were still in style and were actually quite popular to have.

We are trying to get adjusted to having two kitties now. And we vow to have no more so that we really don't become those cat people.

PS - Just a minute ago we heard the boy singing a lullaby to the new little kitty. How sweet! Lots of sappiness in the Barnes house today.

On a more manly note, the hubbs (who currently has a very hot full beard) is going to change all the fluids in my Tahoe today. :)



Shirley said...

Reebok is adorable! We originally said "one dog" - then, before we were even able to bring our dog home from the shelter, we had two - one was a puppy. Now ... hmmm, I guess we are now dog people :)
Enjoy your new little kitty!

Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

How precious my new grandkitty is! Tell Carl that Nana still loves him and try to catch the boy singing and tape it...that will be priceless!