Diabetes Update

Here are a couple of updates for those of you who keep up.

1. The pump is ordered and will be here next Monday!!! Then we head next week to Children's so they can teach us how to use it. I am excited and scared at the same time. Luckily grandparents and an aunt will get to go with us to the training and learn along with us. This may come in handy at a great ministry weekend that will be coming up right after we go "live" on the pump.

2. Talked with my mom today who talked with a patient who lost his 19 year old daughter last year due to a stroke. She also had diabetes. This shook my mom up pretty good. I knew I shouldn't have asked her what the age of the daughter was, but I did. 19 years old! My breath escapes me as I contemplate the pain and heartache this father must feel. But I know that I can't live everyday waiting for the other shoe to fall regarding the boy's diabetes. We must live life to the fullest!

3. Watched a documentary about eating and heard a comment that all kids who get diabetes before the age of 17 can expect to have 17-20 years taken off of their life. Began to do the math in my head. Scares me. Still, I know that we must instill good habits in the boy now. Which means that me and the hubbs need to drop about 20 pounds each and start exercising!

4. I was also encouraged by some pics I ran across on Flickr to keep up with a daily journal about the boy's diabetes. After all, diabetes is 24/7 - 365.

So, my dear blogger friends, I am going to try to be brutally honest about my journey to lose this 20 pounds. Are you ready for this? Am I ready for this? Lord, help us all!

Enjoying my last Sundrop,
Paige :)

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