Monday Mercies 12/15/08

This weekend we drove up to Nashville to see my mom and to also see the lights at The Opryland Hotel. On our way there, my son said something funny which caused me to really think. It was night and he saw the lights blinking on a cell phone tower. He couldn't really see the tower itself because it was night, and he said to the hubbs, "Hey Daddy, do you see that invisible tower"? We both chuckled, but that made me think. How many times do we miss something that's right in front of our face? We don't see it, but it's there?

I thought about this time of year and how statistics will prove that depression and suicide rates are higher this time of year. Crazy, huh? Seems like people seem to lose hope at a time of year when many of us are celebrating the greatest hope of all. I recall a story I've read about a people waiting and watching for a savior, a messiah. Then one night in the cold, damp, feeding trough of a barn with filled with animals, the greatest hope this world has ever known was born. His name was Jesus. He was right in front of them, and they couldn't see him.

Don't we do that today sometimes? The greatest thing we could ever have or want is right there with his arms open wide and we tend to miss him. We miss him because we are too busy, or too preoccupied, or think we are making it just fine on our own. But when we are alone, in the quiet, we long for that warm feeling, that feeling of being held...hope. Jesus is our hope. The hope of yesterday, the hope for today, and the hope for tomorrow. I know that things don't always make sense and bad things happen to good people. But I will cling to the hope of Jesus with everything I have. Because in the end....it's all I've got.

Hope to you,

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The Kelly's said...

Thank you! God is using you, your words, and your precious heart to affect many people. I needed to read this...