Merry Christmas from my family!

May the joy of the Lord be yours this Christmas!

As I reflect on all that has happened in the life of my family this year, I realize that God has been teaching me. I don't know that I've always heard him at the time, but it's flooding me now. It's in the hard times that we grow the most. And through some very hard times this year the Lord has done so much for us. We've been introduced to a new church family and found a place where God wants us to be. We've grown closer as a family. We've stepped out of comfortableness into the unknown and unsure and seen that God will hold us and He will provide and do amazing things. There is a fire burning in me to reach the world for Jesus...at least my corner of the world. I see the Lord positioning us....slowly, but surely. I will follow Christ wherever he leads even if it takes forever. I have whined and complained and cried and pouted and once I even kicked the kitchen cabinets. I have been through the entire gambit of emotions this year. But just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo, I realize that I have come through the fire and don't even smell like smoke. Yes, God is that good. Now, I know that doesn't mean that I won't always come out without the singe and smell of smoke, but even though this year has been hard - my toughest so far - I am standing here -whole and blessed beyond measure. So, I will sing His praises for all the trials of this year. I have learned and I have grown. May he overwhelm me with his glory in 2009 and may he do the same for you.

See you next year!

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Jenn Calling Home said...

Just stopped by while surfing the blogosphere. I have to say, your blog is beautiful. I'll come back for a visit and look forward to your future posts. Blessings in the new year.