Diabetes Update

Tomorrow we go to see the endocrinologist for the boy's 3 month check-up. They should do an A1C and I am little nervous about that. His blood sugars have been higher since we saw the doctor 3 months ago. We strive to keep his A1c where the doctors want it because this will help him down the road hopefully avoid the serious complications that can do along with diabetes. The higher your blood sugar is over a longer period of time, the higher your A1c is. So, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

I talked to the Animas rep today about our insulin pump and we should be getting it right after the first of the year. We researched all the ones on the market and decided that the Animas One Touch Ping was the best choice for the boy. His will be black and not the pink one you see above. We'll have another learning curve when it comes in and we learn how to use it, but I am excited for the freedom and better control it will give the boy.

We are looking for a babysitter. We had a great one, a youth from our old church, who watched the boy before the diabetes. Unfortunately, he's been very ill the past few months and isn't able to sit for us. We can't just call on anyone now that we have the diabetes. It has to be someone who will feel comfortable watching him and can respond to lows or highs or an emergency. The hubbs and I know we need to let him go a little and we need to get out and have a date or spend an evening with friends. So, I am praying for a responsible babysitter. A name has come up today in conversation, so we will see where that leads.

So, here's hoping tomorrow goes well. I will update then!


Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

My prayers will be with you guys tomorrow for good A1C #'s and for safe travel. Let me hear from you when you get back! Love you...Mom

Jill said...

Huntsville is a nice place to go on a date...you can drop Matthew off at my house any time! Aunt B ain't scared of no diabetes!

Kelley Brown said...

Hi Paige! I am so embarrassed because you left such a sweet post on my blog back in September, and I am just now responding. As you've probably noticed, I have been very sparse with my blogging lately. :) Anyway, I am looking forward to reading your blog more. And I'd love to chat about writing and speaking since those are mutual passions. My email is on my blog if you want to chat sometime. Blessings to you!