Diabetes Update - UPDATED

Well, our trip to the endocrinologist was pretty uneventful. I guess that's good. He weighed 53 lbs and was 3'11". He's catching up to me! His A1C was up from 6 to 8.2. I knew it would because of all the highs he's had since we last went in. Doctor seems to think he's still coming out of his honeymoon period and that is why he's having the highs. She made some adjustments in his insulin and we are going to see if that will help. I hope so! We'll have our pump at the first of the year and go back to see her in March.

So we keep on keeping on. He's doing good and we've got to get these blood sugars under control - try to keep him in his target range. It's hard as they are younger because they are growing and that causes the blood sugar to fluctuate. But still, this momma nurse and his engineer dad try really hard!

He asked Santa for a cure for diabetes for Christmas. What a wonderful gift that would be! We sent a thank you to some of the primary researchers through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (see link above under Diabetes Links). I know that as each day passes we are closer to a cure than we've ever been. May God bless their efforts and may a cure be found!



tara @ kidz said...

I would love if Santa granted his wish - then we would ALL believe! What a sweet boy.

Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

What a great Christmas wish! That is my wish as well...I do not like to see my boy sick. I'm glad that the visit went well yesterday and I am praying for you today during your class.