Christmas Greetings

The Christmas season is here. We are doing some serious remodeling of our home, and I am so enjoying all the Christmas decorations because they take the focus off of all of that craziness! I thought I would post a few of the Christmas pics here. Hopefully tomorrow we will get our annual Christmas picture taken and get our cards printed and mailed. I will post that pic soon.

I hope that this Christmas season brings your much joy and blessing. May you be blessed by the knowledge that our Lord and Savior Jesus came to earth as a baby and grew into a man who died to set us free. Hallelujah!

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Tina Maria said...

Paige, your decorations are beautiful. I especially love the table and china!

Don't worry too much about your home being in the process of remodeling. It's the fellowship, conversations, music, and most of all the love that is the most important ingrdient in making a beautiful home. I know you know that. I also know that anyone who enters your home receives all that and much more! You have a wonderful family! That's what makes your home so appealing!

Still, I understand how you feel and I am proud of you for wanting to have your home the way you envision it should be. I'm glad you take pride in that. Hey, your house, like mine, is a work in progress. Just like we are! :)

Love You!