Random thoughts of the day

Yesterday was fun. Went to the Native American Heritage Festival with the boy and the hubbs. The boy was enamored at the "Indians" and their tools. He especially liked when the Indian chief started fire with just a couple of sticks. He even liked the dancing! This is one of the coolest parts about homeschooling - being able to just pick up and go to an event whenever and wherever you want.

Today, I will hopefully be very productive at getting some projects done. I am working on a dress for my niece that I hope to have done in time for Christmas. It's not a Christmas dress, but it's pattern is similar to this one. I have encountered problem after problem but I will persevere! First it was something about the lining that I couldn't get quite the way that I want it, and today the sewing machine is giving me fits. May have to break down and hand sew it.

Also been working on some hair bows. I made a few back when my niece was first born and now I am working on some bigger ones and some fancier ones. Gotta watch the spending, though. Pretty ribbons and fabrics can get expensive!

I am working on a curtain for the boy's bookcase. Since the machine is acting up, looks like I will have to hand sew that as well. It will cover his shelves since they never stay organized anyway! It will be similar to this one.

Oh, yeah, and I have to go see the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. I injured my right ankle in June and again last week. Some of the pain that I am still having is indicative that there may be something more going on. So there I will go with my lovely ankle brace on to see what's wrong with my foot. Hopefully, nothing and they can help me strengthen it back up so I can wear all my cute shoes again! The last week the only shoes I've been able to wear are the tennis shoes, my fuzzy pink slippers, my nursing shoes, and my Birks. I like them all, but I need to put some cute shoes on my feet soon or I just don't know what I will do!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how my projects turn out. Hope your day is the best!



She's So There said...

I so am praying that your foot and ankle regain strength soon. Glad you had a good time!

Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

Greycie is so lucky to have you as her Auntie Paige! You've got me looking to get a machine and start sewing after all these years. It's amazing what the power of suggestion does to the old mind! lol