A vow for my son

A few days ago I witnessed some of the best of humanity. Single mom taking care of two chronically ill and bedridden children for some time. There's more to the story that makes it amazing, but out of respect, I won't write it. This was probably one of the strongest moms I've ever seen. She's been on this journey for several years and you know that times have to be tough in more ways than one for this sweet lady and her kids.

It got me to thinking. Am I giving my all as a mom? I don't mean the cooking and the cleaning, but the nurture and the teaching and the molding and shaping. Do I allow trivial things to get in the way of a moment of opportunity for teaching and shaping?

Yesterday, the boy and I spent a wonderful time on the couch reading scripture and discussing what it means to become a Christian. We read one of his favorite Bible stories and talked about Paul's missionary journeys. It was a precious, blessed time. I am a blessed mom to get to be at home with my son. Much thanks to the Lord and the hubbs for that!

When I made it in from work the hubbs was still up and we chatted for a good hour about the day the boy and I had. Me and the hubbs are silly in love with that boy. And so here are a few things I vow:

~ May he first and foremost see a mommy who is unashamedly in love with Jesus.
~ May he see a spirit of peace in me and not divisiveness in any areas.
~ May he see compassion for others no matter what their situation, instead of unwillingness or fear to reach out.
~ May he hear words of life and encouragement come from my mouth instead of griping, and whining, and complaining.
~ May he see complete trust in the Lord in the hard times even if I don't understand or have the answers.
~ May he see forgiveness no matter what the offense (or how big or small) and mercy and not bitterness and grudge-holding.
~ And finally, may he see me living in the freedom of Christ, freedom from guilt and condemnation, freedom from what others think, and freedom from the chains of this world.

And may God be given the glory and may His name be praised.

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