Veteran's Day, Hurt Foot, and Ethiopia

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. We give thanks to all of our men and women who are now and who have in the past stood up for our freedoms. I can't even begin to imagine, but I am thankful. I know most businesses don't close on this day, but my hubbs gets off. We enjoyed a nice day together. Well....at least until lunchtime.

The hubbs went to pick us up some BBQ for lunch and the boy and I decided to rake the millions of leaves that are piling up in our yard. We were just raking away until I stepped into a hole in the yard with my right foot and turned it sideways. It's important that you know that I did the same thing to this same foot almost 6 months ago and it's still very weak.

The pain this time was way worse than before, and I honestly thought that I had torn the ligaments or tendons or something because it hurt so bad. First, I almost passed out and then I almost threw up. And then, crying like a baby, I had to try to help my 6-year old help me. Luckily I had some crutches from when I did this the first time and he was able to get those for me and I managed to get myself into the house.

Once the hubbs got home, we took a trip to the ER. Luckily, nothing was broken or torn, but I can barely walk on it. I have an air cast that I am to wear for 10 days and a prescription for pain medicine. Can't take the pain meds right now though. More on that later...maybe. I wasn't able to go into work last night, but the doc said I should be able to go back to work my shifts of Friday and Saturday. I hope I am getting around better by then.

So, today, I am stuck at home. The boy is having to do things for himself and he's not quite warmed up to that yet. Apparently, I function as his maid and personal servant most of the time b/c he is not understanding that mommy can't get him a glass of water or a snack (things that he can very well do himself). Maybe this will be good for him. Get him to take more initiative on his part to do things.

My sister's procedure went well yesterday. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep them coming as we are waiting on more test results and she will go back in three months for more testing and hopefully get to hear the words "positively no cancer".

We love to watch Bizarre Foods with Anthony Zimmern around here. Last night they did a show in Ethiopia. We just had to watch because we sponsor a child through Compassion International who is from Ethiopia. In Ethiopia they don't have much and it is a poor country. They really have to make do with what they have and they work hard to get it and make it. They even make their own coffee. And by that, I don't mean they opt for home today instead of Starbucks, they actually ground the coffee themselves. I am a coffee lover and by the way that Anthony Zimmern was describing, it's probably some really good coffee.

But as we watched, my heart continued to swell with love and compassion for that country and its people. Even though they are poor and don't have much here is what I noted:

They were friendly. They shared what they had with others - anyone really. They were not wasteful with what they had. They were good stewards. They made each meal or get together a special time of celebrating each other. Sometimes making a pot of coffee (called a coffee ceremony) took 3 hours and they enjoyed each other while it was brewing. They weren't in a rush. They were respectful and they were thankful.

This made quite an impression on me as someone who was born, raised, and lives in the richest (in many ways) country in the world.

A childhood friend of mine is trying to adopt a child from Ethiopia and just found out that she was approved. She will be going through many months of this process before she gets to hold her precious child. Please lift her and this child up in prayer.

I am feeling this tug on my heart again like I did before our diagnosis with diabetes. I am praying for God's plan in this and that if it is His plan...then He will let the hubbs know!

I know I've said this before, but consider going to the Compassion International page and sponsoring a child. It will be worth every penny and will mean the world to them.

May God bless you all today!


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