Monday Mercies #3 - 11/24/08

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I feel that it is only fitting that today's post be about giving thanks. In a world so filled with greed and selfishness and "me, me, me", it is often that we forget to give thanks for what we have. So, I will take the next few lines to give thanks for just a few of the many wonderful things God has given to me and my family this year.

~ The hubbs job. One that keeps him moving upward and that he enjoys. For a boss who understands the boy's diabetes and is very flexible and understanding.
~For a "no cancer" report for my mom after two years!
~For two preemie babies who fought their way into this world. One is struggling now, but I am giving thanks that he is fighting and that God is taking care of him.
~For a new niece and nephew born healthy and who are growing and glowing everyday!
~For three and a half years of the blessed opportunity to serve in youth ministry at a church and the people and youth there who forever touched my life.
~For a new church family we are growing to know and love.
~For God shaking us up in the area of our faith and teaching us about what really matters and how to live that out. (He's still teaching and I'm still learning).
~That the diabetes diagnosis wasn't something worse and fatal. At least we can deal with this and the boy can have a happy, long life.
~For the insulin pump that we are about to get. May it finally help us get these highs under control.
~For the chance to home school the boy this year. It's tough and everyday is a challenge, but I treasure our time together.
~For healing that is taking place in my extended family in certain situations after many years of heartache.
~That we still have each other even though we don't always see eye to eye.
~For a chance to go back to nursing and find joy and fulfillment in that again....and a new way to serve God and minister to people.
~For new friends that have come into my life and bring me joy.
~For old friends that I am still blessed to share life's ups and downs with.
~For all that God is speaking to me and teaching me and the hubbs and the boy right now. He told me he was taking us to a place. And we are trusting him.

So, I will give many thanks this year and everyday. What are you thankful for? Leave me a comment to share what you will be giving thanks for this year.

May your Monday be filled with mercy and grace and love and may you be reminded of all you have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving! To God (from whom all blessings flow) be the glory!


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Matthew and Greycie's Nana said...

Here are the things that I am thankful for:
The opportunity to turn my life around and be what He desires
My incredible kids and their love even when I am not deserving
Having the 2 most spectacular grandchildren in the entire world and the lessons they teach me every day
A loving family that I have been blessed with
Friends - old and new - the support and love from them is a welcome gift
Being cancer-free and knowing that it was a God thing!
Every breath, every raindrop, every ray of sunshine, everything that I am fortunate to take in!