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Halloween this year was celebrated with our friends. We had so much fun! Since this year was our first Halloween with diabetes, we weren't sure how the boy's blood sugars would run. We gave him insulin to cover him for a s'more and he so enjoyed having the experience of eating it. He said to me "Mommy, real chocolate (as opposed to something with a sugar alternative) tastes so good". Yes, son, it does. And it keeps me going most days! Anyway, he got a bag full of candy. We have decided to let him have one piece per day with a meal. Hopefully this will keep his sugars in his target range or at least very close to it.

We had a great time this year and hope you did too!

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Anonymous said...

He is so amazing! He can have one piece a day without a problem b/c you will plan for it and cover it. You guys keep enjoying the family time...you deserve it!