A few changes in store....for the blog

Good Monday morning! In the next week or so you can expect to see a few changes to the blog. Not any major design or layout changes (I think), but I will be adding some features to the site. God is challenging me to go in a certain direction with a few things.

Today will start out something I'm going to be doing every Monday. Monday's are always a tough day for many of us. We have to go back to the daily grind after a weekend off. We have to go back to work instead of play and rest. Many of us who do or have worked know that Monday's usually bring more challenges and problems to solve and busyness than the other days of the work week.

So, I feel God leading me to begin posting every Monday something that will encourage us to get started on the right foot. I have found that when I start my day out right - with my eyes, mind, and heart focused on Christ and His word - then the rest of my day is bearable. Not always perfect or without problems, but it's so much easier to tackle the stresses of life when my cup is filled. When my cup is properly filled I can pour out what God calls of me to my son, my husband and the others that I encounter on my journey.

So before I actually post today's post I want to tell you all that the hubbs and I are working on a really nice graphic to put up here. Once we get that done, then we will post it on the site and you can (hopefully) be able to subscribe to our Monday updates. I'm not sure how that works, but that is one of the perks to being married to "Mr. Computer". My man knows his way around a computer and any amount of software you could throw at it. (Yes, I am proud of him, can you tell)?

But, we need a name for our Monday updates! Vote for one of the following names by adding a comment to this post or by emailing me if you have my email address.

  • New Mercies for Mondays
  • New Monday - New Mercies
  • Monday Morning Mercies
  • Monday Mercies
And now, for our first post inspired by a daily devotion that I get at Christian Women Today.

Do you journal? I am the worst when it comes to this. Not because I don't journal, because I love to journal. I don't really consider myself a writer, but in past times I have written songs and poems and short stories. Haven't done much of that since love and marriage and baby carriage, but I still love to write. So, I'm all about journals.

See that's my problem. I simply adore cute things. So, I have a plethora of cute and fancy and artsy journals for my writing. I will write three or four entries in one and then find another cute journal that "I just have to have" and buy it and write in it three or four times. So, I have them everywhere in my house. Funny, I bought a journal for the hubbs 6 years ago, but it's still empty. (Guess I can use that one if I run out of journals of my own)!

Lately, I've been going back through these journals to see what I've written in them. They contain sermon notes and scriptures. Some have lists of books that I want to read and scribble from when the boy was one and two (I put the dates on those so I could always look back and know how old he was when he scribbled that). Some entries are prayers that I've written out to the Lord during my time with Him. But a lot of my journals are filled with just random things. Questions that I've pondered about my faith and spirituality and such. Things I've asked God about. Prayers and concerns and certain scriptures for family members.

When I received my email devotional from Christian Women Today, I knew it was journal worthy. It's a list (I love lists!), it's dialogue with the Lord, and it's evaluating my spiritual health. You would find lots of those in my journals if you were to read them. So here's the list from the email. May you find strength, encouragement, and growth as you read it today. Today is Monday, but God has new mercies in store for you. Won't you let Him knock your socks off today?!

You are my shield

You are my Rock

You are my stronghold

You are my fortress

You are my cleft of safety

You are my shelter

You are my hiding place

You are my strong tower

You are my covering

You place a banner of love over me

You uphold me with arms that are strong and everlasting

You are my promise keeper.

Now, Jesus, I ask you,

Am I holding back from You?

Am I not walking near Your side?

Where am I shielding You from my heart?

Where does my confidence in Your power die?

Do I obey You?

Do I trust You?

Do I believe You?

Are You my Lord?

Are You my first love?

Have I put You in that place?

Have I given You control?

Is my heart fully surrendered?

Am I holding back from You?

~Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that You never turn a repentant heart away. I turn to You now. Forgive me for holding back from You. I pray now that nothing will hold back my heart from You. May I open my life, my heart, and my every breath to You! Your power, Your grace, Your truth, Your faithfulness, Your love are so amazing. Thank you!

May His new mercies be yours today,


Shirley said...

I really like the list at the bottom - I needed to hear that in this season.

I vote for
1. Monday Mercies
2. New Mercies for Monday


The Kelly's said...

I am excited to read your Monday Mercies! I enjoyed the first one and may actually look forward to Monday!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Paige, hoe exciting! I like Monday Mercies!