When life gets crappy...

I was recently talking with someone who shared with me that they'd lost their job. In today's economy this is so scary for this person. God allowed me an opportunity to share with this person some of my own trials and tribulations. I thought that I'd post part of it here, in case it could encourage someone else. Here's part of what I shared with this person. I don't think they would mind me sharing if they thought that someone might be encouraged by it.

Sometimes we just never see these things coming. I don't presume to know exactly how you feel, but let me share from my personal experience. When our apartment building was on fire, I was terrified. We were so young, and our son was just 2 months old and I was terrified. The hubbs and I couldn't even utter words to each other. What do you say when everything you have is burning before your eyes? There is a sudden realization that you have NOTHING. That's a feeling I'd never had before, and so far (only by the grace of God) I've never had again (and hopefully never will). At that moment I did the only thing that I could rationally think to do (which wasn't much at the time - thoughts and words were almost nonexistent b/c survival mode had begun to set in). I fell, I mean I dropped to my knees and I prayed. I'm not even sure I uttered words that could be understood or that were grammatically correct or that made any sense whatsoever. But I clung to the scripture that "our Father knows what we need before we ask". I knew He could hear me and He could understand my grunts and my moans and my cries (more like sobs). I just asked Him to give us strength and to provide what we needed. I didn't ask for anything but what was necessary and also for the wisdom and guidance to get through it. He provided in abundance (spiritually, physically, and monetarily). Since that moment I have never been the same. I've said since then that God had to burn my house down to get my attention! Not that I think He did it purposely, but whatever the deal was with that - it catapulted me into reality - I needed to be completely sold out and unabashedly about HIM. He has ALWAYS been faithful to me. Even when I didn't think He would be or when I didn't think I deserved it and even when I didn't think I could do it. He reminded me that I couldn't. But HE could! So, I don't know if that helps you at all or not. I know from so many trials in my own life that when we are hurt and broken and grieving that our Heavenly Father is right there with us through it all. Sometimes He walks with us and sometimes He carries us.

May you be encouraged today that no matter what crappy thing is thrown your way that GOD is bigger than that. I wonder if God would say to us "satan (or that trial or struggle you are in) might be over your head, but IT IS UNDER MY FEET"!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and we had a great time last night at Group Link. Still praying about which group, though....

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