Totally girly post

Well, yesterday I found my glasses!!!! I was so excited. Now I can read and not have a headache when I am on the computer. I was really wondering if I was losing my mind because one minute I had them on and the next they were nowhere to be found.

I took the boy yesterday morning to get a flu shot and then we had breakfast at Chick Fil-A. That was nice. We then went on a quest for a teasing comb. See, my teasing comb is a must. I like BIG hair. What can I say? I just do. So, my teasing comb is a daily necessity. The one I had been using forever was missing some teeth and was crying out to be laid to rest. So I found some inexpensive ones at the dollar store and I got them thinking that I could replace my teasing comb and save a few bucks, too! Wrong.

Apparently I need a WWE wrestler type of teasing comb.

So yesterday my sweet boy (bless his heart) went with me through town on the search for a new one. We finally found one (yes)! and then I took him to several video game stores so he could "man back up" after going with momma to the hair stores.

And the minute I got home I teased my hair up good! (As I finished writing that sentence I realized just how redneck that probably sounded)!

Anyway, after I teased my hair up and delighted in a new teasing comb, My friend Heidi's hairdryer post came to mind. So, then I thought about how good I really have it that I could go traipsing all over town to look for a teasing comb of all things. I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to God for all my family is blessed with and then tried to humble myself. I told the Lord - "I would go to remote parts of the world for you if you asked. I'd do anything for you"...."but do you think I could take my teasing comb"?

Perhaps the Lord chuckled and perhaps He shook his said and said "my child, I am not finished with you yet"!!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

You are so funny!! Girl, I like the teasing comb too, so I guess I'm a redneck. Unfortunately, my teething/teasing comb has been laid to rest and I can't get another one here! So byebye, love, bye bye happiness...it's been a long time since my hair has been properly handled.

Thanks for the fun this morning!

The Kelly's said...

I love you girl!! And your big hair!!